Tasha Cobbs : A True Worship Experience

I remember asking one of my friends from church if they were going with me and a few of the other young adults from my church to hear Tasha Cobbs live at Greater Allen Cathedral this past Wednesday and her telling me no, her reason being that she wasn’t that into concerts. With being born and raised in C.O.G.I.C and among some of the greatest singers on this side of heaven I could she her point, I personally am OVER church concerts, so much so that even I’m surprised that I joined my fellowships choir and will be singing alongside them all week at convocation. Sorry to get off track, back to the story at hand, I just remember telling her it’s not going to be just another concert but a worship experience! Little did I know it was that and so much more. You know that feeling and that slight worship you go into when you’re in your house alone bumping Grace? Now lets just imagine that times like 100!!!!!!! She is an awesome worshiper and that ending prayer WHEW! I loved being able to have an encounter with Christ simply because she came on assignment and as a minister not as Tasha Cobbs, Grammy and stellar award winning artist. Oh wait I ran ahead again, did I talk about how Deon Kipping, my everyday album guy just came and wrecked Bless The Lord? All of this for free.99. I can not wait until her album is available digitally (her physical pre-sale copies were (SOLD-OUT) but I already have favorites! My top 3 would have to be Jesus Saves & Still Loves Me oh & this song her mom wrote for her I believe it’s called One Place, when I say would could have just chilled in the Glory after that one song. Yet I digress. Long blog short, go support & buy this album!


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