A Single Girls Diary : Summer Bucket List

At 26 years old, I realized I haven’t done much lately. Truth be told I’m getting older not younger and with young people dying more often then older folks these days and for the sake of having an actual life, I decided to make myself a bucket list this summer. With only about 3 weeks left of Summer I’m actually proud to say I accomplished much of what I wanted to get done! Below is my bucket list for summer and in a few week I’ll be posting my fall bucket list. What are some things you would love to do? What do you feel is stopping you? How can you change that or is it even a real issue? In my case my issue was/is money. As a single mom, especially now not currently not working, I felt as if I had more important things to do and that I have to focus on ways to get this paper. Yet what I’m learning to do is be totally dependent on God. His word says that he shall supply all my needs and he would not see his seed begging bread. If these scriptures are true and I state I believe them then why do I walk around as if I am not a royal priesthood? Now I’m not saying neglect responsibilities and just have fun all the time, I am saying enjoy this life God gave you. His word says that you he would have us prosper and be in good health even as our soul prospers, It’s impossible for the soul of you to prosper or for you to be in good health if you are always stressed and or never take time to enjoy the beauties planted around you. So I decided this summer I would learn how to save money, pick and choose which events I just had to be at and take advantage of all things free in NYC (THERE ARE SO MANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Hopefully you see something on here that makes you want to get up and go out or maybe you’ve had a bomb summer and feel I need to add something to my list feel free to comment below!

Summer Bucket List 2015

  • Visit Mikey Like’s It Ice Cream
    • I found out about the place via a friend of mine, who did an event with them when I say this place is THE BOMB.com, I tell you no lie. A great spot for a late night stroll with you boo pick up your mac daddy ice cream sandwich (I recommend the blue velvet waffles (thank me later) or even a fun day out with the kids or a group of friends. My friend from church and myself went alongside my daughter and her 3 god children. At about 7 bucks a sandwich, they are well worth it. Mikey Lies It servers freshly make your waffles for your sandwich while you choose a flavor named after your favorite 80-‘s or 90’ pop or hip hop act. If you blessed enough you’ll get to try the flavor of the month! This is definitely a spot I’ll be back to a few times within the next weeks and far after! Visit them they are located on 13street and Avenue A!
  • See A Broadway Show
    • This! What can I say? I just knew I had to see Brandt as Roxie Hart so I did! I and two of my closest friends were right orchestra 2nd row! Thanks to a great discount ticket site! Sadly we didn’t get our picture with Brandy due to the crazy line outside afterwards, but I would recommend anyone to save a few bucks and treat yourself to the Broadway experience. Next up The Color Purple for my Birthday!
  • Attend A Concert
    • 2 Thanks to Allen A.M.E I seen Tasha Cobbs for free!
  • Attend Summer stage
    • Janelle Monae (Done) The Wiz (Done) Next Up Jazmine Sullivan AKA (MY Twin In My Head)
  • Go to Brunch At Least 3 Times
    • Unfortunately it hasn’t been 3 times yet but hey summer isn’t officially over until September 20th, I did get the chance to attend an awesome brunch via Iman the Brand’s Behind the Shades Brunch, where I was able to interact with a ton of wonderful women. I also have a brunch date with the Ladies of Church Girl Chat, and plan on doing a back to school Brunch with my little mama so Lord willing I’ll be at 3 soon!
  • Re-Launch My Blog
    • Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Looks like I’m re-launched!
  • Have A Picnic At Central Park Or Brooklyn Bridge Park
    • Urghhhhh if I have to do this alone I will be doing it! I really want to do this!
  • Adult Game Night In Dumbo
    • This was so much fun is all that can be said about this! You had to be there!
  • Make It To 1st Friday @ Brooklyn Museum
    • Every month I say I’m going and every month I have a church event, a family function, no car fare or something just comes up! But I refuse to miss the one in September and I also refuse to let the sneaker exhibit pass me by.
  • Visit Moma
    • I live in NYC and have never been I’m going to need that to change uhmmm IMMEDIATELY!
  • Go On A Date
    • Self-Explanatory, or is it because to me a date isn’t #netflixandchill to me that’s a setup for sex and guilt but hey.
  • Get My Jewelry Business Running
    • Well thanks to the NYC craft entrepreneurship program, the battery is in my back I have been working on pieces and my etsy shop will be live and running to shop by next week! (YAY)
  • Get A Permit
    • Why are these things so much money though?
  • Plan my first successful event
    • I’m currently planning for my Birthday so this may get pushed on over to the fall bucket list!
  • Have regular cheesecake customers
    • Thank You Thank You Thank You to all my loyal customers who spread the word via word of mouth! And if you want to know what all the hype is about like my Facebook page and place an order (Shameless Plug, I know I know but hey a girl’s gotta eat and you need your sweets. It’s A win/win)!
  • Redo At least One room in my Apt
    • Hmmmmmm I’m aiming for my first D-I-Y project this week! Y’all pray ok!
  • Try Faux Locs
    • Loved them but I loved my hair more! I took them out literally5 day later but hey it’s off the list
  • Cut My Hair
    • So again I love my hair too much. That and I stumbled upon the hair is my glory scripture so uhmm yea. Really I just am growing to really love my hair more and more each day. It’s like I want to cut it but then I walk past a mirror and my fro id supper fleeky! So yea no!
  • Color My Hair
    • I think my hair needs to rest lol
  • Take A Weekend/Day Trip
    • Where are these rich people giving out free trips?
  • Take State Job Exam
    • Traffic Exam Officer DONE……..Next Up School Safety
  • Have A Picnic
    • preferably as the sun goes down! Cheesey I know but oh well I want it! lol
  • Take a Banana Skirt Dance Class

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