Poets In Autumn Tour


If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook then you know I love the poets know as the “P4CM Poets” aka Ezekial, Janette-iks,Preston & Jackie Hill Perry. I have been following then for about the past 5 or so years, if you followed my older blogs then you know I have posted them as well as other featured at Rhetoric (which is on my bucket list for Summer 2016 lol ). You also would know I have been posting their tour since they dropped the dates without NYC on it just yet. Well guess what they are coming to NYC and not just NYC but Brooklyn , not too far from my church! Not only will these bomb Spoken Word Ministers be in New York but also I WON TICKETS!!!!!!!! Yes that’s right I entered a Facebook contest and guess what I’ll be there and not only that, I get an autographed journal too! Be sure to check out http://www.thepiatour.com and see when their going to be in your city & if you’re in NYC guess what I have an extra ticket and I will be doing a give-a-way. The pay it forward contest will begin next weeks so stay tuned to the #ChurchGirlChat social media and come chill with me and teh church girl chat ladies as we watch these poets next month. Check Out the links below of a couple of my favorite pieces from these poets.


The Covenant – Preston Perry

Janette…IKZ & Ezekial – Ready Or Not


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