Tasha Cobbs – One Place Live

Whoooooo today is the day! Tasha Cobbs One Place Live album is out! If you read my blog last week then you know how excited I am about this. I was so sad to leave last week with no CD (they were sold out & I don’t have anything to play it on anyway). Anyhooo this album is a worshipers album FOR REAL! At the concert at Allen she talked about maturing in Christ and I can say she has, you can feel her growth through the speakers. I will warn you this is not an album to be taken lightly especially if you’re a worshiper as the old saying goes what’s in you is going to come out. Not being a fan of extra “deep folk” who always say they couldn’t do this or that after listening to or while listening to an album, it’s hard to believe I’m about to say this but whew I think I messed up listening to this album on the bus. Jesus Did It,One Place, Put A Praise On It & Fill Me up (especially those last few minutes of Fill Me Up) will send you into a serious praise & worship mode. As I stated in my last post GO PURCHASE THIS ALBUM. Support kingdom ministries. Let me know what you guys think of the album below!


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