African Pride Hair Routine – Shea Butter Moisture Intense

As promised I am sharing some of my favorite products for my hair. I’ve gotten a few questions about how I fix my hair and what I use so I will be sharing some of my favorite products & everyday routines as well as where to find these products. First up is African Pride’s Shea Butter Miracle Intense Line. I must say this product is definitely my favorite these days. That truly says a lot coming from me because those who know me know that when I like a product that’s my product I stick to it and run with it. I currently use 3 products from this particular line and one product from their Olive Oil Moisture intense Collection.

Shea Butter Moisture Intense Moisturizer! $4 Family Dollar/Local Beauty Supply Store
HHHAAAALLEEE-LUUUU—JJAAAHH! This stuff is the absolute TRUTH! This is the best moisturizer I have used to date on my hair. When I say my hair was silky whew it was buttery smooth! I used this moisturizer as a protectant to my natural hair under some faux locs last month and after a week of the locs my hair was even smoother than when I placed them in.
Shea Butter Moisture Intense Leave-In Conditioner $4 Family Dollar/Local Beauty Supply Store
I do enjoy the scent of this whole line and I use this condition after washing my hair on was day and I also use this as a daily conditioner. I use about a quarter size amount throughout my fro and go on about my day and I must say it helps keep my coils soft
Shea Butter Moisture Intense Curly Butter $4 Family Dollar/Local Beauty Supply Store
Great Smell but I don’t know, I may be using it wrong or it’s just not for me. It leaves a reside in my hair that I’m not a big fan of. I will say the curl definition caused by this butter is wonderful. I gave some to my sister and she loves it, I also still use it for my daughter’s hair and it keeps her puffs and braid outs looking amazing. This product alongside my Aunt Jackie’s conditioner keeps my hair shiny and edges laid for the perfect adult puff

Shea Butter Moisture Intense Silky Edges $3.50 Family Dollar/Local Beauty Supply Store
This product for me personally, I only use to touch up my fro’s edges and to put on my pre-fro twist. It holds enough for that and the shine as well as the smells amazing ( if you haven’t noticed that’s like my # reason for picking most products lol)

All in all I love African Pride’s lines because they are affordable and work. They also remind me of childhood African id a brand that has been around for a long while and a trusted brand. Go out and try some for yourself and let me know how it goes via social media! I will be adding a video sometime next week on my hair routine for a twist out using these products. Below is a picture of my wash and go hair style my first time using these products.



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