Don’t Go Broke Back 2 School Shopping – A Budgetnista’s Guide on Back 2 School!

It’s that time of year again, our children are back in school,either yesterday or the week prior and If you’re like me and on a tight budget or a limited income then, back to school shopping may have been a little nerve wrecking for you this year. My daughter happens to be going to be going to Junior High School this year and has a whole new set of school supply and uniform standards. Last year all I had to supply was at home supplies and uniforms could be picked up any and everywhere, this year urghh no so much. Here are a few tips and tricks that are saving me from an anxiety attack this fall season lol.

Thrift Shops

If you follow my social media feeds or any of my previous blog post you may think well duh you love are a thrifter, why not look there? Well for one, I used to think my daughter wouldn’t want thrifted finds, as to say they’re fine for me but not my daughter. Yet truth be told she loves thrifting as much as me if not more and is a born leader who could careless as long as her clothes are cute. I had to think to myself ii’s just like her cousins or a friend giving me clothes for her except I pay and have to wash them myself lol. Next up Jaiden (my daughter) is required to go to a specialty uniform store for her embroidered oxford tops, ties, sweater and sweater vest.(which can I say I will start much earlier next year, her ties are syill on back order)  I found a silver lining to that yet and still, her uniform bottoms can be thrifted. Not sure about other states but NY thrift shops such as Unique, Goodwill & Salvation Army almost always have uniforms  in my case I was able to find a dollar pleated skirt, a Ralph Lauren Fall Jacket & a Rothschild for a combined price of 18 bucks! So yupp the thrift shop shall be my friendly solution this fall.

Nike & Jordan Aren’t Your Only Choices

Yes you read that correctly. I think often times as mothers we try so hard to keep up with the trends and we feel pressured for our children to wear certain brands. Especially as a young mother it’s as if we feel name brands shut the mouths of naysayers. Truth be told I’m to the point that if she is clean, fed, well-mannered and actually obtaining knowledge that shuts down people who look down upon you. Once again afraid of my daughter going to Jr High and being picked on for what she wears  was aiming to get her a pair of Jordan’s per her request. Until I realized her Jordans were 140 before tax uhhh NO! For that price I could literally get her 3 pair of fly kicks for the first half of the school year. Here is how, search online for deals and have them ship your order to the store nearest you. This next option maybe  slightly annoying but don’t be a one shop type of person randomly walking through the mall I found a pair of Huaraches my child wanted for 40 bucks after originally being 95. Online I was able to find her a par of Kamikazes for 40 Sam Smiths for 40 and a pair of church in her uniform color wave for 25 bucks online and  30 bucks for a pair of new balances I wish I could fit. So for the price of Jordans plus tax I would be able to get her two pair of school sneakers and two casual kicks all while keeping her stylish and being able to get two items she requested. She ended up with a cute pair of flats I found at a shoe shop in Harlem going out of business for 4 bucks and I forgot all about V.I.M where I found her a pair of new balances and Sam Smith Adidas for 40 bucks each!

School Supplies

What can I say besides –

  • Staples – 17cent notebooks and $5 Flash drives I purchased her whole supply list for classes & art class for 20 bucks
  • Deals – Whatever Staples doesn’t have on sale or are sold out of
  • Dollar Tree – because who can go wrong when everything is literally $1

Fall Shopping

If your child doesn’t wear uniforms or you just need fall wardrobe pieces don’t be afraid to shop outside the normal. Sale racks, discount stores and the thrift shop will be your best friend.

  • Fallas (formerly conways) I found tons of Gap long sleeve graphic tops for 1.99 needless to say I racked up.
  • H&M – I have always loved them. Moderately prices, with back to school deals that can’t be beat. 10 denim & cardigans with $1, $3 & $5 clearance rack pieces.
  • Any thrift shop or end of summer flea market – Need I say more?

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