Mr & Mrs KevOnStage & Why Everyone Should Be Marriage Champions!

If you are or have ever been on YouTube looking up Christian comedy then I am sure you have heard of KevOnStage or the Playmakers. Famous for YouTube videos such as Stuff Black Church Girls SayStuff Choir Member Say and countless other videos that growing up as a church kid, or even as a new-born believer can relate to. What you may or may not know is that KevOnStage aka Kevin Fredricks is married to Melissa Fredricks and they have two lovely kids (who are hilarious in their own way). Kevin & Melissa Fredricks have started a great podcast/YouTube series call Love Hour, which I cannot begin to even express how much I love. Seriously imagine your favorite church mother in their rawest form mixed with that one favorite aunt/older cousin/sibling that gave you the talks everyone else sheltered you’re from. Think of all that mixed with strict religious backgrounds and transparent anecdotes and there you have Love Hour with KevOnStage & Mrs KevOnStage. This summer I was even fortunate enough to catch these two at Harlem Repertory Theater for a special Love Hour Live. They were literally like your favorite youth ministers at church, you know the one that EVERYONE wants to be around. I believe that it’s because they are so honest, blunt and transparent in addition to being relatable. For instance there was a podcast about how far can I go before sex and Kev was just so honest. He was like let’s be real here “You kiss, you touch, and then your clothes come off, like there isn’t much else you can do” or when Melissa talks about how she had to do things to get out of his shadow like her little challenges and things she had to overcome for herself, My favorite part of a podcast might have honestly been hearing Melissa tell Kev she was very Victoria Secret and hearing him tell her no she was Sears. It was so honest and real, where as I hope she wasn’t embarrassed or didn’t feel bad afterwards, I thought it was a key example of how men and women think differently and have different perceptions. Love Hour is predominately for married couples but if you listen and pay attention there are tons of gems for us single ladies and gentlemen. So if you have yet to see it I encourage you to go on YouTube or soundcloud and just binge watch or listen it will bless your life with fun facts and laughter. Also support their ministry by purchasing their book Marriage Champions! The link to their social medial & podcast are listed below! Enjoy!

Soundcloud – Love Hour

Facebook –  KevOnStageMrsKevOnStage

Youtube – KevOnStage







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