Dear Iman, The Thought Was Cute But NO!


Unless you live under a rock and never are on social media than you know, that last week Teyanna Taylor & Iman Shumpert officially came out and revealed the couple will be having a baby girl! I am all for new babies especially with this slight battle of baby fever I have been battling recently and believe congrats are in order to the young couple. .What I am a little thrown off by is the amount of like and females reposting the picture of Shumperst long drawn out Instagram paragraph where he made the big reveal. Reading the first line of Shumperts caption I was so lost, he says “When a man loves a woman how she was born to be loved…procreation is the best blessing you can receive. Uhmmmm….Wait…….What? I know some may say I’m just the single mom hating or a blogger behind the scenes who wants to be controversial but I’m not by any means hating or knocking the couple’s hustle.. I just am attempting to shed light on all the reasons it’s even more trying as a christian female trying to do things the Lords way in this 21st century dating world we live in. I mean according to the bible I thought it was marriage first. For this reason shall man leave his mother and cling to his wife and go forth to be fruitful and multiply(Genesis 2:24, Matthew 19:5,Mark 10:7. Ephesians 5:31,Genesis 1:28). On the other hand many of you may ask well, what does this have to do with the believer? In all honesty ALOT! I encounter young ladies on a daily basis who speak of just settling for a kid and maybe eventually getting a ring or how a baby will make him stay. Shoot I myself was a tab bit overjoyed when my companion said he wanted to have a baby, so much so that it wasn’t until days later when I had to ask him about what his future plans were for me and the steps he planned on taking before we started on that whole baby making thing. Not that we hadn’t spoken about these things previously but more so to re-assure myself and to explain the needed steps before a child came into play. Tons of young women feel as if being in a relationship for years  and having a baby is the same as anyone getting married. Uh sorry to burst that fantasy bubble but it isn’t. Marriage is a sacred covenant between a man and a woman. I want to say children should only stay between a married man and a woman, even though I understand things happen before you come to Christ and after as well as widows etc. Females should not purposely be attempting to get pregnant. Marriage almost guarantees commitment and I say almost because in this crazy world we live in you gotta be prayed up and for sure for sure about this marriage thing. Marriage proves a man is willing to work for you and will give things up for you, We as women avail our self to men all too much, we give up our bodies, our emotions, our schedules etc. If a man can’t do you the decency of giving you a covenant promise ,a ring and his last name, then why again does he deserve to plant seed in your fertile garden?


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