A Single Girls Diary – Fall/Winter Bucket List

Well we are about two weeks from it officially being fall, but everyone knows after LAbor Day it’s officially Fall in our minds lol. Not too long ago I posted my Summer Bucket List and now I’m back with my Fall Bucket List! I am excited to say I was able to complete most of it and even some extra things including Smorgasburg, So I have a dew left overs  from Summer and a whole new host of  Fall to-do’s which mostly include personal betterment. So here goes.

Baked In BK

PKBs Closet Official Launch Event

Launch Church Girl Chat

Get My Health Together

Often times as mothers we take care of the whole world and never ourselves. Even further I haven’t had insurance in awhile so to say I have slipped up the past two years but these next few months I plan on thoroughly getting my life.

  • Vision
  • Dentist
  • GYN/Rhemotologist

Support 10 Black Small Businesses

Lose 30-40 Pounds

See The Color Purple On Broadway

Take Ratchet Zumba & Fetty Way Dance Class At Banana Skirt 

First Saturday @ Brooklyn Museum (Yes I still have not made it )

Get Into Working with Youth & Young Adults As A Career

Take A Weekend Trip

Get My Licence

Begin Recovering My Credit

Pay Off School ( So I can return in January)

Help my daughter successfully start her business

Sell at craft fairs & markets this fall

Get Food Handlers License

I know this seems like a lot but I’m TOTALLY ready to take it on. After all I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me! Right?


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