The PIA Tour Re-Cap : A Letter to The Poets

Yesterday I was afforded the great privilege of witnessing the Poets In Autumn tour live in Brooklyn, NY. For years I have been hoping, praying and wishing for a chance to see these poets live or go to RHETORIC in Cali, well my God answers prayer! Janette….iks, Ezekial, along with Jackie Hill-Perry & Preston Perry were live and direct in Brooklyn, NY. As I posted a few weeks ago I won a Facebook contest to The Poets In Autumn Brooklyn stop. I tried all last night and earlier to find was to describe this awesome experience and not sound cliché but there is truly no other way to describe this experience but “LIFE CHANGING”. Each poet literally and individually spoke into my life and the convicting power of God’s holy power was felt through every single stanza spoken. Seeing these poets live was powerful to hear their testimonies it also showed me that there is power in using the gift that God has given you. I often tell people and speak to young people around me about how my gift is help and that gift might not necessarily be one of a hooping and hollering, ear holding prophets or preachers but if my gift leads back to Christ and not to self then I am fulfilling my purpose down here. Aside from my spiritual  fulfillment, as a mom it brought my heart great joy when my 10 year-old daughter said “mommy I thought this would be boring, but I had fun. I don’t even like poetry that much'” .So I decided to write a letter to each of the poets to thank them for sewing into me last night! Oh one last thing SUPPORT this movement these poets SELF-funded this tour and have GREAT merchandise! SUPPORT! SUPPORT! SUPPORT!

Dear Jeanette…iks,

Thank you for the reminder that singleness is not a burden. Thank you for being honest about prayer and letting us know of our schizophrenic spiritual lives and how we have to get it right. Thank you for allowing God to use your story to encourage others to tell their story and the ultimately let all that we do align with God’s will for our life not What we want God’s will to be for our life. Oh yeah #Book #Chapter #Verse (My daughter was so excited to hit the merch room for that shirt & the I will wait tees were sold out in my size where can I get one?)

Dear Ezekial,

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! For choosing me to win free tickets! Thank you for your first piece Dear Man A Letter From Satan, it scared my daughter half to death lol, but it also gave her a true perspective on the how the enemy works and opened up a pathway to discussion. As for myself I never really listen to that particular piece that much but it cause me to take a closer look at myself and repent. Not that emotional type but I mean that I really mean it, I don’t wanna go to hell type repentance. Thank God or Grace!

Dear Jackie,

Thank you for being deep and ignorant as you put it. lol Thank you for being real! Thanks for helping to see that it’s not just this one struggle but that it’s deeper than that. It’s about being self-righteous thanks for a different perspective. Thanks for being real you’re a traveling mom who didn’t remember your piece due to the tour. Us moms feel you and we know the struggle without the jet lag so we can only imagine what life with Eden is like with it! (P.S.. I was hoping you did Jig-A-Boo lol)

Dear Preston,

Thanks for being you, for being a minister of the gospel, for letting us know and reminding us to believe that this big, great, God that we read, hear, sing and dance about is real and that he is not just a God of partial healing and deliverance but he want to heal and deliver holistically. Thank you for Soul Ties and the truth behind the message and for the testimony that continues to help countless Christian day by day.

Love You ALL,

Purity Kinkz & Bowz

P.S. Come Back Soon!!!!!


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