A Single Girls Diary : Growing Pains

It’s funny how when you’re younger, you think you have life all figure out. You think at 16 you’ll start driving, then at 18 you’ll leave home live on your own in a college dorm then you’ll graduate and have a banging job, loving relationship etc, but then real life happens. I had a moment yesterday while looking over a Facebook picture, there were a group of guys who at one point you couldn’t separate me from, one being a guy I was bought with and raise as my cousin. This guy now doesn’t even speak to me because I didn’t like his girlfriend, now fiance. It’s crazy we would always say from the cradle to the grave, thick or thin we were family but most importantly we were “best friends’. Funny I had a different definition than he did, but I don’t hold any grudges I just think it’s funny how life change, how now my actual best friend who happens to also be getting married soon, hated me on sight due to something kinda out of both of our hands. This friend prays for and with me and vice versa and I never in a million years would have thought we would be speaking almost everyday and I would now only talk to my “cousin/bff” maybe once a year with quick hi’s & bye’s”at church events we have to be at with one another due to our families closeness. I say all that to say this life won’t always go as planned and for a sec last night I felt bad and left out, then I remembered it’s ok to separate from some people shoot it’s even a necessity in some cases. Look at David who was called to be king and put under Saul for him just to turn around and try to kill David. So the next time you feel out the loop, or get sad when reminiscing remember, Lot’s wife was turned into a grain of salt focused on the past and what was behind her. So if that means some friends or even family have to go or be left behind its cool you should continue in the likeness of the apostle Paul in Phillipians 3:14 ” I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” because ultimately that’s what it’s all about in then end life with Christ is all that matters. Be Encouraged!


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