A Single Girls Diary : Support Black Business, 10 Black Businesses To Start With!

If you read my Fall Bucket List post then you know one of the things I wanted to do was support black business. I feel like often times we want support but won’t give it due to the fact we think they charge too much, we’re trying to start our own thing, or because we don’t see many thriving chains that our black owned in our communities so it’s more convenient not to. I had the opportunity to sit in on a panel this past Saturday with the hip Hop caucus and on thing that stood out about the african american entertainment industry is that often times they take from large corporations and follow their leads is because of lack of financial support from their own communities. We are often times also too shy or prideful to promote and/or ask for the funds or support from our own communities. Well I will be asking the initiative to consciously support Black Business as much as I can. Feel free to drop your favorite black owned business below or if you’re a black business owner let me know, I would love to support! Below is a starter list of 10 Black Businesses I will be supporting this fall!


I had the wonderful privileged of being chosen for the Etsy Craft business course via workforce 1 and met this beautiful soul. She is a great example and I believe she sewed more into my business life than can be paid back so I will be buying a mellow yellow pom-pom everyday beanie! Shop her etsy shop and follow her social media everything is @PurlbKnit


This young lady has taken classic 90’s favorites and turned them into works or wearable and hang-able art! Not only that every Wednesday for now she has deals on Wednesdays. I would encourage people to support this young lady. My eye is currently on the “Big Mama Clutch & Afro Notebook” be sure to check out her site and Instagram @kashmirviii

Faithfully There

Not only are these young people an African-American small business but they are doing Kingdom business. I plan on getting my hands on there “Abide Tank” in mint green it is LIFE! IG- @FaithfullyThere

Faithful Chics

Yet another christian brand with dope tees! my cardigan & graphic collection shall be on Fleek like my faith tee! IG – @faithfulchics


Their “Chosen” tee with the year you were born is on my list and their prices are totally affordable! IG – @repjcclothing

The PIA Tour Poets

Last Sunday I was honored to sit and listen to the poets from P4CM and was unable to get some of their much because my size was sold out (insert tears) luckily for me their merch is up on the site now! I will be buying the I will wait tee & journal and Do The Right Thing Tee. Their site made my day!

Harlem Haberdashery

This spot is based in Harlem and is a hidden gem in deed  that started off from a dope brand called 5001 flavors if I’m not mistaken and  they only sell in house designers who are mostly if not all NYC based. Not only are they fly and home bread but they are huge on giving back to the community as well. I have my eye on a Fashion Veteran hat I plan to have before the year is out! – @HarlemHaberdashery

Prim Kisses 

This young Lady provides quality lip glazes, glosses and stains at an affordable price and is also NYC based!  IG – @prim.kisses

The Creative Era

Whitney is a go getter with her hands in a little bit of everything. Best known for her hand painted apparel and beaded bracelets she is definitely a force to be reckoned with and totally affordable for the quality handcrafted pieces she is providing! IG @thecreativeera

All Things PKB 

That’s right last but not least uhmmmm Support me!!!!!!!!!! I am a wardrobe consultant aka a closet magician. I bake cheesecake desserts and tons of other jar cake desserts, I have a jewelry line with my daughter and I do hands on community workshops! I’m all about helping young girls find their niche and their voice to empower themselves and their communities. Follow me on IG – @allthngspkb @morethanmybox @pkbscloset & @____notbullies to get a peek into my world!


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