A Single Girls Diary : The Natural Girl’s Creamy Crack, ORS Monoi Oil Leave In Conditioner Cream

As readers you guys are probably like, uhmmm that title is a lot! Yet that is exactly how I felt using this product. Last Tuesday I was browsing through Walgreen’s killing some time before I picked up my baby and getting some hair products when I came across the ORS Monoi Oil line, I heard about this product line here and there and I’ve noticed it’s bright yellow packaging throughout numerous drugstores and beauty supply stores and this week it just happens to be on sale at Walgreen’s up here in NYC. I am not a person who changes my products often or likes to try new things, I pick products and I’m big on brand loyalty so I stick to my products. I must say this product is a great addition to wash day and especially those in between wash days! I’m not that wash once a week natural so seeing these results on my dry hair is almost making prolong my wash day another week. I literally put my hair in a twisted protective/stretch hairstyle on Tuesday and did not touch it or take it down until Sunday morning before church, let’s just say my twistout was FLEEKY! Not only is my hair still, a week later bouncing and behaving but my curl definition is crazy, so bouncy and tamable. Another great benefit of this product for me in particular is,  I can use it on my daughters hair as well. We rarely are able to use the same anything from edge control to shampoo etc. I will be continuing to support this ORS product this Monoi oil is life. Keep up with my Instagram (see feed at bottom of this page @allthingspkb) to see the results of my next twist-out!

IMG_20150928_155348 IMG_20150928_155322 IMG_20150928_155312

P.S. – This product probably single-handedly stopped any thoughts of me getting a perm!


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