A Single Girls Diary : I Really Need To Get My Life…………….Quickly! 5 Quick Ways To Get Some Organization In Your Life!

I have been having the truest struggle lately with balancing life lately it seem. The more I cut out or try not to do things, the more it seems as if my body is just like yupp still tired, still won’t sleep tho! It literally has gotten to the point where I just had to sit and literally write and type everything out, with more and more people dying from stress each day I decided I need to make some changes and get some organization in my life and figured, hey why not share some tips and help the next mom, student, sister out!

1. Keep God First

It may sound strange or seem as it it should be second nature buy truth be told for some it;s not. We often get so cauught up in life, our day-to-days, the kids, our boo, church work (because yes you can do church work and not put God first) and yet still not be giving God his turn. First things first say a prayer in the morning, I don’t vcare if it’s 3 minutes or 30 I truly believe God take delight in hearing your voice. If it’s just thank you’s and worship and praise until you can build up your pray life go for it and add a scripture in there too. This step alone will help your day start with peace and help move thing way more smoothly.

2.Plan Your Weeks

And STICK TO THE PLAN…………….I literally almost fell out this past week  from doing to much. As much as I would love to be at EVERYthing, it’s impossible. I can’t help babysit, run to all my daughter’s events, make every launch, support all my friends businesses, sneak some boo time, see my mom in the hospital and run through three boroughs to take care of my nephew. So I decided my child comes first then work, then my commitment to church, all else can wait or just can’t be done. Don’t allow others to guilt trip you. If you can do it, great if not then be upfront and honest because truth be told if you die today or tomorrow, folks will mourn a day or two and continue right on going.

3.Manage Them Dollas (Yes Dollas lol)

This lesson I learned the hard way. I looked at my credit score recently and was far from pleased. Some how it went down from last year and I haven’t done a thing or so I thought! Applying for cards whether you get them or not it goes on your score. I was so low key depressed because the guy I’m dating, his credit score is on FLEEEK and here I am just needing to whole-heatedly get my life. So if this is your situation, you’re in luck sites like Credit Karma make it easy and free to see your credit score and help you reach out to creditors to begin paying them off and/or making a settlement. Also learned to save money I was able to budget for the remainder of the year via some tips from Your Pretty Pennies and a really dope easy to do budget template that even included giving to my church!  Keep track of your spending habits, spend on only what is needed and what the results.


A word that almost seems foreign to me, I’m in three boroughs a day via public transportation and I sleep maybe 6 hours a night. This is the way not to live. I don’t care how many people say real entrepreneurs don’t rest. I’m gonna say that’s a lie for 1,000 Alex! Your body needs to re-boot and in order for it to do that you actually need to get some sleep. So yes that may mean using that DVR instead of actually watching Shonda-land on Thursdays or Ratchet TV but your body will thank you and your productivity rate will increase.

5.Watch Your Mouth

I literally ate a chewy granola bar, a bag of lays, and a Arizona Iced Tea. Yes, you read that correctly! What you eat is just as important as getting sleep. If you don’t eat, it’s impossible to give your body fuel. If you don’t eat the right things your body lacks what it needs to run properly. In my case chewy granola bars and trail mix have been my best friends. I try to eat breakfast and I rarely get to eat lunch so I try to keep these little nick knacks in my bag to keep me throughout the day.


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