A Single Girls Diary : A Few Things You Could Be Doing In Place Of Searching For Mr. Right!

Lately I’ve been in a ton of conversation with young ladies my age, or have scrolled across memes, paragraph long Facebook and Instagram post about looking for Mr. Right or how they can’t seem to come across a man to date. Can I lend a piece of advice before I even get any further into this STOP LOOKING! Am I saying don’t put yourself out there? Absolutely not, what I am saying is don’t go looking for him, no matter what this new 2015 modern woman who proposes is doing, you don’t have to search for Mr Right. If he is the right man that God sent for your life he’ll be a leader and in leading he’ll know how to pursue you in order to successfully court or date (whichever term you prefer) you. Furthermore there is a scripture that if you have been in church for any period of time as a young lady you have heard or been given, Proverbs 18:22 says “Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord”. You’re somebody’s favor honey! I know, I know some folks may say well it says wife, not girlfriend etc., but that’s the thing you have to be getting prepared so that you are the wife from the time you guys meet or at least getting to the point were you’re the wife. Don’y believe me just read up on Ester or Naomi. I often tell my single friends, please enjoy your single days to the fullest, especially those without kids or real bills just yet, live a little travel. find out what you really like or dislike, try some new food, learn a recipe, whatever floats your boat just don’t sit around wasting your pre-dating single days looking and waiting. P.S. from experience and observation, I also have come to learn Bae shall come when you least expect it or are wrapped up in doing you and not so concerned with finding him!

Learn How To Cook / Learn a New Recipe

I’m always shocked at young ladies who can’t make the basics, well what to me are the basics. Hey maybe you’ll luck up be rich or marry rich but even millionaires what some tender, loving care in the kitchen, Nothing says love more that a plate of his favorites made by you. Already got soul food or the basics down pact? How about trying to learn a new recipe from a different culture, not even for a man but for yourself it makes for great conversation and whose to say if you won’t travel one day and want to recreate a dish?


Speaking of traveling and recreating dishes, the one thing I wish I was able to do and will be changing soon is, being able to travel. Yes, it’s cool to chill in NYC or plan a BAE-cation as most people want now-a-days, I truly believe there is nothing more liberating that you and a few of your closest girlfriends just taking a weekend trip. With Groupon, Living Social and a host of other pop-up-deals there are no excuses.

See A Broadway Show

Ladies live the best life you can Broadway sound expensive I know, but save and plan and I promise you can do it. Don’t have a credit card? If you have a friend who has one , ask them to charge the tickets and you pay them (provided that you will pay them). I actually did this, me and two of my closest friends went to see Chicago starring Brandy, I charged my card and as we got closer to the show date they each paid for their tickets. It was a wonderful experience and next up is The Color Purple with J Hud. (Broadway Tip – Try to search discount sites for tickets and if you’re in NYC try Tckts on Broadway in the city for same day discount tickets)

Get Your Coin In Order
Yes I love a good shoe. bag and some new hair supplies just as much as the next lady, but I am starting to learn my credit means more that what I imagined, and that I have way more disposable income than I realized. Check your credit score, if  it’s where you are please keep it that way if it’s not find a free city sponsored financial counseling center and get on your way to a healthy and stable credit life. It would suck to get to the point where you want that first house, car or even a new cell phone plan and can’t get it because something you didn’t handle now. Next up learn how to save an effectively balance your needs and wants, If you can’t keep a dollar for a rainy day now you’ll always be dependent on someone else to help to n a bind!

Health Is Wealth

Yes ladies, what good are money, food and traveling if you can’t fully enjoy it without your body shutting down? Get a check-up regularly, see your gyn, I don’t advocate pre-maritail sex, but I do know it’s happening. PROTECT YOURSELF if it is happening ladies! Not only that eat right monitor your weight, know what runs in your family and what you can inherit so that you can try to counter-act some of those things through, eating healthy, working out and getting rest!

Most of all ladies, DO YOU! Live the best single life that you can before you’re miserable looking for Mr Right and look back on all the fun and opportunities you missed!


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