New Year, New Challenges!

Hey loves! No new year, new me challenge but I am prepared to challenge myself! I looked over 2015 and can say in retrospect it was a good year! I was accepted into two highly competitive city programs enabling me to launch my Etsy shop and the other paying for my incorporation and food liscenses! I celebrated my first real Valentine’s day 💗! Did I mention that after losing my job with a discount I loved, I started my career path as a Fashion Activity Specialist, teaching middle school kids fashion, crafting and jewelry design. Through all this, I began to feel stuck and in need of change, finacially, spiritually and mentally. With that being said I’m hitting the ground running in 2016! I plan on returning to school majoring in Public Administation or Human Services. I will officially be a CEO of a LLC dessert company and on an even higher push of faith I will be attempting my very first 30 day fast, each week taking something away. I will totally be detoxing from Social media( Instagram, Gacebook, Periscope,Twitter etc.) Above all goals I hope to reach, being rapture ready and in position to receive all God has for me is the most important! Lord willing see you all across in the New Year, February 1, 2016 that is!


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