3 Ways Social Media is Robbing Us Of Precious Moments

I am the first to want to take a flick of my outfit or my new good hairpiece, trust and believe me! That being said, this post isn’t a post meant to come off as self-righteous or some mega anti-social media maven. This post is just made up of a few things I’ve noticed firsthand about myself and others recently.


  1. Your Personal Moments

Social Media has become such a large part of our life that we don’t take the time to just sulk in and enjoy our simple moments or the opposite, we aren’t given the opportunity of our friends and family hearing good or bad news from us before it spreads like wild fire. We also feel the need to stage and make things perfect for social media purposes, when honestly and truly people probably wouldn’t care less if you got engaged in Cuba or a cardboard box it’s the joy of marriage that makes people excited. Case and point, recently a young man I know got engaged, I was so happy like yaaaasss! He’s dope a young man my age with a GREAT career, steady income and lover of Christ and is doing the right thing. Not once did I think where are the pictures or why didn’t he record it. You know why? Why is, because who cares or is truly going to remember all those things besides the participants, yet the bride to be’s mother felt the need to make them get dressed the next day and “re-do” the proposal so that it was captured right. WHAT THE Heck are you serious?



  1. Your Introduction

Some of us (self-included) at times post TOO much on these sites. Leave a little something to the imagination. Which in my opinion when it comes to social media is not just limited to clothing. It’s 2016 before a potential employer hires you or shoot, even calls you in for an interview they are all over your Google profile & Facebook page. 60% of us haven’t really paid attention to the new updates and policy of Facebook to know a lot of what we thought was private is no longer private or can still be seen. I’m not telling you what to write or not write on your profile. I am suggesting that you make people want to meet you or know more about you via the snippet or slight preview given on social media. Don’t allow it to be so that someone can walk up to you and give you a full rundown of your life the past 6 weeks, not missing a beat or have a warped opinion of you . Call me old fashion but I’d rather your first impression of me be via uhmmm, I don’t know actually meeting me and not what you may have read or seen online.



  1. Your Encounters With Christ

Raise of hands, how many times has the spirit been super high in service, you’ve shouted, rolled on the floor, spoken in tongues, gone into a deep worship etc. then less than 5 minutes within coming back down you’re scrolling Facebook, thinking about that next Instagram photo you’re going to put up because, you know, you know, that outfit is just too on fleek. Better yet how many times have you just been scrolling online and see someone post something like, “Good God from Zion, my Lord today the prayer going forth is just so good’ *insert confused face*. How good can the prayer truly and honestly be if you are more caught up on writing your post than actually taking that time to have an encounter. What if God has an assignment for you in that very moment, what if after the “spiritual high” winds down he needs you to whisper a word of encouragement, or he just needs your ear to talk a word to you. What if in that moment that you chose to log on instead of stay tuned and be still in him, he was trying to answer that prayer you’ve been longing for an answer to? I’m not saying Social Media is in-effective or doesn’t have it’s benefits, I’m just saying know when the difference between it robbing you of life’s benefits and when it adds to!


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