A Single Girls Diary – I Invested In Me & It Felt Great!


Whenever I walk into a store it amazes me how quickly I will pick up a thing for this person or that person. I’m super quick to pile up my cart for my daughter or my nephews, shoot even someone at church I may see something for and say hey so & so would like this. Unfortunately I don’t take that same approach with myself business wise or pleasure. I pick up the bare minimums for myself, heck 20 bucks is a splurge when I’m in stores some days. I’ll sit and debate for literally almost HOURS over spending money I work for everyday.Well over the past two weeks I changed that! I’m a business owner and I have to act accordingly. The thing is I put myself to these crazy restriction just as many single moms do. I’v’e been in the position of having no food, no government help and homeless. That is a seat I never want to sit in again. Yet I realize you have to have a happy medium, there is a a huge difference between being a frivolous spender and living above and outside your means versus investing in yourself. For instance what’s the point of saving all this money up and never ever dipping into it to invest in yourself, buy something that will pay for itself through the following months and year to follow! Stay tuned to see my investment purchases!




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