How A Trip To Target Got My Life – A Single Girls Diary!

To know me is to know, I’m a super-dupe sentimental girl. I love cards and gifts! Funny enough, I enjoy giving the perfect cards and gifts even more than receiving them. Last week I was in target picking up some household items and some things for the PKB Sweets Tasting & Launch Event, when I came across the card aisle and decided to go on a card buying spree (it help’s with the amount of birthdays, weddings, funerals and graduations I have coming up. Don’t Judge Me! lol). Well while on this spree, I came across the anniversary  area of cards and automatically began to get giddy about my very own anniversary coming up in April! That was until I realize there are almost no anniversary cards geared toward couples who aren’t married, at least cards that aren’t vague or empty inside. So at first I was a tad bit sad like, how was I going to find a card for the person who put up with me for 2 years, better yet the person I have grown to love and know these past two years? Then it hit me like a ton of bricks………”You’re single until you’re married! I’m single until I’m married is a phrase I picked up about 5 years ago. I mean, look on your w4 you fill out when starting a new job or any form of government forms, 9 out of 0f 10 times it asked if you’re single, married, widowed or divorced. In the tenth case they probably don’t ask or it’s optional. Now by no means am I saying don’t celebrate or to not be excited about your anniversary or that I’m taking anything away from the 2 years that I’ve put into mine. What I am saying is dating is not the end all be all of the matter, it’s a step along the road to marriage, which in your mid twenties and beyond should be the goal.For a second I was so caught up in the beauty of just being in a relationship and wanting to be with my guy always and do everything together etc, when truth be told we have forever ahead of us (if the lord says the same) to be together for now I should be enjoying life, traveling, building our legacies,continuing my education and being in a financial stable state. So remember ladies you’re single until you’re married, so enjoy your life! You have a whole life to live and time (should the lord delay his coming) to live that housewife or just live your life as a wife in general. In the mean time enjoy this your single days before they’re gone!


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