Extraordinaire Hair Oil!

About a year ago, someone I know put me on to this hair oil which at the time, I didn’t pay much mind or rush into purchasing. Shortly after I was added to the Facebook private group for the oil, yet still I felt as if I had no reason to use the oil. I mean my hair grows without out me even thinking of ways for it to grow. Shoot I have an inside joke with a few people that are close to me that I wish I could could get rid of weight the way my hair grows. From my head to my brows lol thick hair literally has never been an issue. Well in December I decided to give my hair a mini big chop as a way to get some form of change going in my life, I’ve noticed as much as my hair has grown these past 3 months, it also seems to be super dry and fragile no matter how much I grease or oil it. Fast Forward to last week when the owner of Extraodanaire hair proposed a question in the group asking who hadn’t purchased the oil and why? Truth be told I went to place the oil in my cart before and just thought the jump in price for such a small bottle was a bit much, but as a business  owner I understand the cost of labeling, postage, ink etc etc. so there are no real complaints there! My biggest fear is that i would get this oil and it do absolutely NOTHING for my hair and that would be 13 dollars down the drain that could have went toward anything from household needs to my daughters snack throughout the week. Anyhoo long story short I ordered it. I’ve been saying I want to support small black businesses at least 1 business a month and what better month to support a female entrepreneur that during the month of March aka women’s history month. Im happy to say my oil shipped quickly and was delivered to me within 3 days of ordering it. While I cant go into a detailed review of the before and after effects of this oil, I can say the professionalism of the packaging was great as well as the instruction manual and promo card included with my package. The instructions suggested I may feel a little tingling which I didn’t at first. I chose to use my oil as a hot oil treatment (first time doing this) but let me tell you how soft and silky my hair was after taking my cap off. Shoot if this oil does nothing for the growth of my hair it slightly has won me over already by how silky my coils were post rinsing out the mixture. From my little experience with this oil last night I would certainly recommended this product and I will be ordering again!

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