Lady Dionne Daniels “Song of The Lord” Ft Bettina Pennon Official Release

On February 12, 2016 in Jamaica, NY, Lady Dionne Daniels had a packed house ready to experience “The Encounter Worship Experience”, little most of us know we were in for a treat and were going to be a part of worship history! Song of the Lord was recorded live and heard for the first time, the worship encounter that took place once Lady Daniels finished ministering that song was a you just had to be there moment! Well here we are 8 months later and we have a little piece of that night for only .99 cents! Written by her husband musical mastermind Prophet Cliff Daniels ft. Bettina Pennon Song of the Lord is a must have and is officially available on ALL digital platforms, Make sure you support true kingdom work and a ministry that is like none other! Looking for more of Lady Daniels? Check out her links below!

Download “Song of the Lord”

Google Play 


FB – Dionne Daniels Ministry 

IG – @Dionne.Daniels


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