So Am I Sleep Or Just Too Awake To Care?

So 8 days ago Donald Trump became president!


So yeah the gif pictured above pretty much sums up my sentiments. Like there was no heavy sighing, no heaviness, NOT ONE TEAR SHED! I mean like I know he said some of the craziest things during his campaign. He’s a racist, degrades women in addition to a list of problems I’d rather not get into on my blog because he’s not worth it! Yet something in me feels like uhmm, why am I not sad about this across my timeline, in church and even at work people of color just seem so sad and so down as if they didn’t think that they this man could win! Ya’ll America been racist, and sexist after 8 years of a black man ya’ll though these folks was just about to give the white house over to a lady ………?


Ya’ll I’m not phased, further more my real question is to Christians or should I say believers, I get it ya’ll sad, ya’ll need a moment I’m totally here for having an emotional moment over what could happen. Yet does the bible tell us in the end days things would get worst or nah? Do we not sit in church every Sunday and the days in between and say, wow the lord is really soon to come so why is it when the signs come in fruition that we are so nervous and sacred? Like why all of a sudden is it praying time? Was it not already praying time? You know seeing as if that is how we commune with Christ, shoot it should have been praying time from when they were in that office praying that Trump actually got voted in and we  seen pastors, elders and “spiritual leaders” praying for a man who said blatantly disrespectful things which go against the bible (not to say any political leader follows the bible to a t or at all for that matter) but still. All in all I find hope in Christ and I refuse to be sad and hopeless, the bible says he’ll give me a garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness! Exchange your garments you’ll feel so much better!


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