Black-Owned Businesses To Shop & Support This Holiday Season!

In a day and time where Donald Trump is the president-elect and sites such as Racked are showing us via  #GrabYourWallet Trump Boycott articles a list of places that clearly don’t care about me or my kind because they consciously support and stand behind a racist bigot who targets some of the largest consumers of their brands, and during a time where Black Entrepreneurship is at an all time high and with a collective reported buying power of about 1 Trillion Dollars, why would I waste my HARD-EARNED dollars with a company who could care less about me and the needs concerning those around me. Many of us talk it but don’t put it into action, with that being said I’m putting my money where my community is, with black and brown people who are going through what I’m going through in the same way that I’m going through! Whose down to join me? Well below is a list of Black Owned Businesses and sites with more black owned businesses and resources this holiday season!

The Creative Era 

CeeCee’s Closet

We Buy Black

da Funky Buttons



Radical Dream Pins


Harlem Haberdashery


Courtney Noelle

Red Pill Blue Pill Collective

The Dapper Dolphin

Have a business or service! You don’t see listed feel free to drop them below in the comments below or tag us on IG or Facebook!



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