Guess Who’s NOT coming to Dinner! A Single Girls Diary

As a young lady who is not only a a Christian but also a member of a VERY BLACK family, it’s very rare that I will bring someone to meet my family during the holiday. Shoot it’s rare outside the holidays so imagine me here longing to invite my boyfriend over to be at my family’s house during the holidays and it never happening. We just kinda “do our own thing” during the holidays. Not one major holiday have we spent together outside of Valentine’s day, shoot truth be told this year I missed his birthday due to work and year one of us dating he missed seeing me for mine. Imagine how difficult this can be especially in the times we’re living in where social media memes are KING.I say all that to say lately I’ve been feeling a way like deep in my emotional bag type of way. How soon is too soon to be around your “bae’s” family or should you just wait until you’re married so that it doesn’t switch up every year? I really and truly believe you should mix and mingle before hand, to get a feel of the family and so that they can get a feel for you. Grandma may be able to point out something you infatuation that you’re mistaking for love has overlooked and vice versa.I personally believe if after 3 years (speaking for myself) a man refuses to come over for the holiday or doesn’t invite you over as much as he says he loves you and or that he see’s a future, you my dear are a dubb. Now this may not be true in all cases and trust me I’m no expert but I do believe a man’s unwillingness to compromise says a lot about your days ahead and more than that it says I like you enough to introduce to my mother and friends but not enough for you to come over and meet the family or something about you is not good enough or that your family isn’t worth his presence. I don’t care how secure you are as a female it will do something to you, believe me I’m as secure as they come I don’t believe my man is cheating on me nor do I believe I’m the side chick but even I feel like i’m not worthy or not good enough some days. Other days I try to reason and understand what his logic may be or why he may not be ready to take that step. Ehh I say all this to say When is too soon and When is the right time in your opinion to intermingle and co-exist for the holidays?


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