Holiday Traditions #ASingleGirlsDiary

Sitting here on the eve of Christmas full of mixed emotions. For one I am actually happy I was able to show all my loved ones how much I appreciate them throughout 2016 so a big scene wasn’t needed  for Christmas 2016, that and the fact that my family decided to lighten the load via Secret Santa. On the other hand this is the 3rd year in a row that I’m  relationship wise alone for the holidays. Each year my boyfriend heads to South Carolina to be with his family and I’m  stuck here with mine. Not that it’s  necessarily a bad thing but it can be hit or miss for the holidays. I said all that to say this, I use to wish to be in a relationship to get married in order to start my own family traditions. I wanted to cook a huge dinner and play games and dress cooky like other families, but my family isn’t  in to traveling to  my house in the same freaking state I might add. Even this year I tried to be festive and bought personalized stockings for everyone in addition to making personalized ornaments but my intermediate family is CORNY! Until this morning I had an epiphany, you don’t need marriage a book or even your relatives being forced, it only takes you having an idea and sticking to it. Starting January 1, 2017 (lord willing) I’m making my own traditions with me and my daughters is others follow suite than great if not that’s  fine as well but I believe it’s  really time to enjoy being single (not married) and start my own traditions and special family treats to pass down to my daughter and possibly her children!9


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