Fences – A Must See!!!!!!

I remember (very vaguely) reading fences in school somewhere between middle school & high school. I also remember a few years back the play being revived and brought back to Broadway and me really wanting to go see it but never actually seeing it. So when Fences came out this past Christmas there was absolutely NO WAY I was allowing another opportunity to pass me by and boy am I glad I didn’t. Watching Fences made me wish I’d seen it live on Broadway and even wish I remembered actually reading the book, none the less Fences is a must see for all but I am putting much emphasis on young men of color to go out and see this movie. I truly believe this movie is the equivalent on some levels of what Hidden Figures seem to be for most women of color right now. Fences brings the breakdown of the modern two family home and generation issues knocking right to your emotional door of your heart. From the relationships of Troy and his two sons, to the special needs family member, the few scenes of the black church cultures right down to the unspoken issues and passed down hurts that effect the black family until this very day. I believe this is Denzel’s best movie to date since Malcolm X yet it wasn’t so much his part that tugged at me the most, it was  the silent yet oh so loud strength of the black woman (which as I type Viola Davis is receiving a award for best supporting actress). I urge all to grab a young person, bae, friend, community and/or church group to see it, you won’t regret it!


***Have you seen Fences yet? If so what are your thoughts sound off below!***






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