So……Bae is Sha-Blocked On Social Media

Yes you read the title correctly! I told myself I was entering 2017 drama free and guess what I did……..went into 2017 DRAMA FREE!!!!!! Me and “bae’ have been together almost 3 years and at some point or another social media has been a beefing point. Like not one of those who is he or who is she type of beef but more like #ASingleGirlsDiary has raised an eyebrow or two from outsiders leading to him being questioned and his male pride being bothered. Fast forward to this past holiday season I call myself being cute and tying to prove a point of not hiding my relationship or rather trying to prove a point to the outsiders of our relationship , I put a heart on his wall……THIS NIGGA “hid” my heart from his timeline and toldme he was “Social Media Single” the way I wanted to proceed to BLACK but didn’t! I know you may be thinking oh no home girl run that’s a sign of danger, I actually took the time to reflect. This man has been with me 3 years just about and has had to deal with me saying I’m single all three years, like sure we know one another’s families and we’ve been to family function etc., but to the outside world looking in it seems as if he’s a grown man being played no matter that my hashtag is a brand for the first time I get it. This man swallows his pride day after, week, after year to let me live or a brand, none the less my little feelings are still hurt and I blocked him on social media across the board & long story short there has not been a conversation about social media since. Can I say how refreshing that is?


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