Spread Love to Black Business

It’s February that means we get to highlight two of my favorite things, showing Love & Black History!!!!!!!! So why not combine the two aka Spread to Black Business! I will be highlighting a Black Owned Business every day this month!


First up we have Christ Representers Apparel!



Formed by Brooklyn’s own ministry couple Deborah & Joseph Thompson. I love this company for multiple reasons, of course they are black owned, secondly it’s a kingdom minded business and they are a young couple leading by example! I personal have purchased a tee (pictured below) and I loved the speedy delivery, great customer service and affordability! Just yesterday the debuted their spring colors which I will be divulging in (Pictured below) I love the message  it sends and that I can be fly and be a living witness all at once!

Follow The Brand & Support

Facebook – Christ Representers Apparel

IG – @ ChristRepresentersApparel

Shop The Online Store – www.christrepresentersapparel.com



MIni Me & I a few Sunday’s ago while rocking my Tee!


New Spring Tee I Can’t wait to order this weekend!


I love church Girl Squad in the heather grey & blush!


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