What Do I Think About Thinx…….A Period Panty Review!

So yeah you read that 100% right. Apparently my brother couldn’t figure out what to get me for my birthday this past December so as he was walking through an NYC subway station he said the Thinx ad caught his eye and he figured it would be a good gift (his words exactly). So many thoughts ran through my head one being eww that’s, white girl stuff ( lord forgive me), secondly uhmmm bro this is the gift you get your sister and uhmmmm I’ll never used this that’s nasty. My thought eventually went from yuck to well maybe I can try them overnight one of these ending days of my menstrual cycle. Welp that quickly changed when last week I caught my period unprepared with one pad in my apt, and I got called in to work and needed something until I got near a store to buy pads.  Thinx Panties prices start at $24 dollars and go up to 39 dollars plus $5 Shipping and handling fees and range from thongs to hip huggers aka light to heavy days as seen below :


The packaging is one the funniest yet most awkward packages I’ve seen to date, I love it tho because it causes people not to be so uncomfortable about “periods”, I will say I’m glad it fit in my mailbox and I didn’t have a hella fine mailman delivering them to my door


They are wrap super cute and remind you of the heaviness they can endure *know your flow*


Now to the good part, how did they fit! Well they were actually quite interesting, where as I didn’t feel as if I was bleeding all down my leg, I also didn’t feel 100% comfortable not having a layer of protection on that I was familiar with. All in all I doubt I’ll buy another pair but I will stick to using them for light days around the house!


Have you tried Thinx?…..Would you……Why or Why Not?…..Sound Off Below


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