High Glam Cosmetics – #SpreadLovetoBlackBiz

If you read my blog of check my IG you will see my latest thing is make-up. At 28 I finally have mastered the “basic beat”. Which leads up to today’s Black Owned Business High Glam Cosmetics. With items like glosses starting at $8 and the highest price point for a single item being foundation at $18 High Glam is affordable and great for women of color. Started by Felicia Rosser- High this past December, I enjoy this brand because she is uplifting women through glam and not killing their pockets while doing so. My favorite and only lipstick purchased thus far to date is Glamour, folks are also going crazy over Bare Raisin which is often sold out on the site!16508257_167140290441975_7068291429715494489_n

I love how the shade of red isn’t too harsh and doesn’t have that orange undertone which usually makes me shy away from red’s. Since the soft launch in December Glam High has added eye shadow palettes, eyebrow kits and brushes as well as lashes and blushes. High Glam has all your beauty needs covered so be sure to support this Black Owned Business today!

Follow High Glam on IG @HighGlamCosmetics or visit the site by clicking here!


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