High Glam Cosmetics – #SpreadLovetoBlackBiz

If you read my blog of check my IG you will see my latest thing is make-up. At 28 I finally have mastered the "basic beat". Which leads up to today's Black Owned Business High Glam Cosmetics.¬†With items like glosses starting at $8 and the highest price point for a single item being foundation at … Continue reading High Glam Cosmetics – #SpreadLovetoBlackBiz


Absolutely Dope Apparel! #SpreadLoveToBlackBiz

Absolutely Dope is founder by Journalist Abby Daniella of Baldwin, NY! Her line is geared toward the dope entrepreneurs out there reminding them that all it takes is Faith, Passion & Hustle. Daniella's line consist of dad caps and tees! I am actually LOVING this new burgundy one pictured below! Follow Abby on IG @AbsolutelyDope … Continue reading Absolutely Dope Apparel! #SpreadLoveToBlackBiz